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Bài Hát: Say I Love You - Rhymastic

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See I’m just another average guy
Looking for my perfect girl
Still on my way and finding
When you dragged me right into your world
I was way too blind
That hide all my feeling for love
But now I finally realize
Having you was more than enough

I’m falling so deep for you now I admit
Cuz you are the one in billions that I need
Just hold my hand and say that I’m your man
Cuz I’m dying for this chance to…

Say I love you love you babe
Never gonna change it
Say I love you love you babe
I just wanna say it
Say I…I…I love you
I…I…I love you
I…I…I love you girl…(x2)

[Verse 2]
Just walking with you in the sun
Smiling and having fun
And when your lips first touched mine
it’s like the time stopped running
I can find a million rhymes
To claim that you’re the one
Promise you in this life
I’ll be the guy to trust

Cus you’re the girl that I’m fighting to keep
Let me just prove to you how perfect I can be
Hold me tight and say that I’m your guy
And for the rest of my life I’ll say…


Baby girl it’s true
I can give it all up for loving you
I can picture us standing in the church
I’m holding your arm with trust to confirm “I do”
And there will be no lying here
No crying tears, no fight or fear
I promise to you that I’ll be right near
So close that your heartbeat I can hear
This love is a beautiful fairy tales for only you and me, yeah I can tell
Hold my hand until the very end like we were meant to be and we can write it down
Cuz my princess she is finally found and we will make a life-time play of ours
So let me start by saying this out, singing this loudly

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